Not for the fainthearted - Luton has its own zombie apocalypse!

Uni students let their imagination run riot

Tuesday, 14th December 2021, 4:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th December 2021, 6:38 pm

How would the people of Luton cope with a zombie invasion?

University of Bedfordshire students put that question to the test last week with a day spent creating a live action apocalypse.

After almost two years of interrupted and restricted learning due to Covid-19, students demonstrated the power of creative learning as they produced a day to remember. Students from across Film, Media Performance, Make-up, Journalism, Photography and Acting courses came together to create the event.

Make-up students transformed their Media Performance and Acting counterparts into an army of the gruesome undead, while Journalism and Photography students reported on their antics across campus. The whole horrifying display was recorded by Film Production students, as they look to create their very own blockbuster thriller.

Rachel Clark, Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator for BA Media Performance for Film, TV and Theatre, came up with the initiative and is excited to see the horror show come together: “The Zombie Apocalypse is a stunning cross-course collaboration that shows off our students and facilities to their very best. The best way to learn is to be hands-on, having fun and getting real, exciting practical experience.”

Watch footage of the zombie takeover on the University’s BedsTV channel on Youtube.

Is it time to run? Photo: Hugh Kubersky (@official_hughquberzkyphoto)
Bloody handprints at the window. Photo: Hugh Kubersky (@official_hughquberzkyphoto)
Make up artists experimenting. Monica Florea (@monica.florea.c)
Ghoulish fun. Monica Florea (@monica.florea.c)
Beware what lies beneath. Photo: Hugh Kubersky (@official_hughquberzkyphoto)