OBE for university chief

AN OBE has been awarded to a vice-chancellor of the University Of Bedfordshire in the Queen’s Birthday Honours - for contributions to education.

Professor Ashraf Jawaid has played a key role in boosting the number of overseas students enrolling at the university in recent years.

Professor Jawaid said: “I am delighted but equally humbled to have been chosen for such a high honour.

“Education provides opportunities and opens up all manner of avenues whatever your country of origin. That is a message I have been taking overseas which has resulted in students from Asia, Africa and the Middle East coming to the university to study.

“I’d like to think that we at the university are helping not only to educate people from across the globe but also foster understanding and tolerance.

“Clearly there is also a team of people without whose help I could not have achieved what I have to have received this honour. So I’d like to say a big thank you to all in my team for their hard work and dedication.”

Professor Jawaid, 60, is fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology, and an international associate of the Leadership Foundation For Higher Education.