Teens challenged to solve mental health, crime and unemployment issues at HeartHub Hackathon

The HeartHub Hackathon. Credit: HeartHub Org.The HeartHub Hackathon. Credit: HeartHub Org.
The HeartHub Hackathon. Credit: HeartHub Org.
Luton youngsters are invited to the HeartHub Hackathon to help fight for better mental health and reduce youth unemployment and crime.

On November 30 at Youthscape, Bute Street, teens aged between 14 to 18 are invited to come together to “build solutions and share ideas” about issues facing young people today, with the chance to win an opportunity to discuss their ideas with the Mayor, as well as support from the Prince’s Trust.

Founder of the HeartHub organisation, Victory Uchenna, said: “The Hackathon is designed to empower young people to have a say and bring their ideas to life.

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“This is inspired by Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist. Her activism has made governments around the globe sit up and listen to her.”

Victory Uchenna. Credit: HeartHub Org.Victory Uchenna. Credit: HeartHub Org.
Victory Uchenna. Credit: HeartHub Org.

The event is from 10am until 2pm. First, the youngsters will form teams and start to develop their ideas, before phase two begins, which will see the the groups assign roles to team members, build on ideas and receive expert advice. Finally, the groups will pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges. There will also be pizza for everyone to enjoy.

Victory added: “HeartHub is an organisation committed to promoting emotional and mental well-being, creating a safe space for people to share the contents of their hearts.

“We are all about promoting love and empathy for one another: a community where people can connect, share insights and grow in emotional intelligence and self- understanding.

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“This was founded because of the rapid growth of suicide and mental illness, especially in young people.

“On November 30, we will be having our first-ever event harnessing the creative minds of Luton’s young people in order to create solutions to the issues in their community. The three key areas that affect young people in Luton are mental health, unemployment and violence.

“The keynote speaker, Deputy Mayor Cllr Maria Lovell, will be delivering a speech on why it is important young people find their voice and stand up to challenges issues that affect their progress.”

To register, search ‘The HeartHubOrg Hackathon - Luton’ on Eventbrite online.