This is when October half term falls in England - and if it's safe to book a trip away

By Sarah Wilson
Monday, 3rd August 2020, 2:09 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd August 2020, 2:09 pm
Many parents are reconsidering holiday plans for this year's October half term holiday. (Photo: Shutterstock)
Many parents are reconsidering holiday plans for this year's October half term holiday. (Photo: Shutterstock)

With spikes in coronavirus cases causing renewed travel restrictions in Europe, families are wondering whether to shift their holiday plans. 

After the summer holidays come to an end, the next break for schools will come in October. 

Here are the dates for the October half term, and advice on whether to book a break away. 

When is the October half term? 

Generally in England, October half term will fall somewhere between Monday 26 October and Friday 30 October. 

However this may vary depending on where in the country you’re located, and what school your child attends.

You can check the exact dates for October half term by inputting your postcode in the government’s school holidays tool. (include link)

Will it be safe to go on holiday in October? 

While many are hoping that coronavirus cases will continue to decline, the trajectory of the virus is very difficult to predict, and this makes planning tricky.

If you do decide to book a break for October half term, make sure to check the terms and conditions of flights and hotels very carefully to ensure that they have a fair cancellation and/or refund policy. 

It’s advisable to take out comprehensive insurance for your holiday in case the need for cancellation arises. 

What are my rights in case of cancellation? 

Generally, if the travel company or airline you have booked with has cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund, although during the coronavirus pandemic this hasn’t always been straightforward. 

You are also entitled to a refund even if the travel company you have booked with collapses - as has been the case with some in the past couple of months.

You can attempt to get money back from your card firm if you booked with a debit or credit card, if you’re having difficulty getting the money back from a travel company.

The situation is slightly more complicated if your holiday or travel provider hasn’t cancelled, but restrictions on movement are in place.

In some cases, such as if the Foreign Office is advising against travel to the country you’re due to visit, you may be able to claim money back on insurance - if your policy covers coronavirus.

However, if your provider doesn’t cancel, but you are simply worried about your safety, getting money back can be slightly tricky. 

You should check the details of your booking carefully, and research your rights in case of cancellation.