Be clear on the signs for kidney cancer

People in Luton, particularly those over 50, are being encouraged to keep an eye out for a key cancer symptom as the national campaign '˜Be clear on cancer' enters a new phase.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 10:28 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 10:29 am

Blood in pee can be a key indicator of both bladder and kidney cancers and an early diagnosis increases the number of available treatments and a patient’s chance of survival.

Early diagnosis of bladder and kidney cancer is important for increasing the chances of survival.

For those diagnosed at the earliest stage (stage one) the likelihood of surviving five years or more can be as high as 84% for kidney cancer and 77% for bladder cancer.

However, for those diagnosed at a late stage (stage four), survival is as low as 10% for kidney cancer and 9% for bladder cancer.

Bladder and kidney cancers can affect people of all ages, but the risk of these cancers increases as you get older. Over 90% of all those diagnosed with bladder or kidney cancer are aged 50 and over.

Blood in the pee is a key symptom of over half of bladder cancers and almost a fifth of kidney cancers, so being aware of this is crucial.

Luton Borough Council’s Public Health team is encouraging people to regularly check before they flush and if they see blood to contact their GP. The chances are that it’s nothing serious but both cancers are more treatable the earlier they are detected.

Cllr Aslam Khan, Portfolio Holder for public health said: “It’s very important that people understand that spotting blood in urine can be an early indicator for both bladder and kidney cancer.

“Whilst you may be worried or embarrassed, it’s important to know that if you spot blood you should contact your GP and make an appointment, it could be something much less serious but it’s important to be sure. You can find information on your local GP on the NHS choices website.”