Fundraiser for Luton baby girl Lexi’s headstone

Georgina and Paul are fundraising for a headstone.
Georgina and Paul are fundraising for a headstone.

A family fundraising day is being held in memory of a Luton baby who was “born asleep”.

Georgina Hill, 23, gave birth to Lexi Rose South at 10.35am on March 25, less than a day after she was informed by hospital staff that they could not find a heartbeat.

Now, Georgina and her partner Paul are holding a fundraiser for Lexi’s headstone, with a target of £1,700.

The family fun day is at the Star, Luton Road, Chalton, from noon until 5pm on Sunday, September 15.

There will be hair braiding, crafts, Teaching Talons mobile zoo and more. Entry is free.

Georgina said: “Paul and I are thankful and grateful for the support and help we have had through these months on raising money for our baby girl Lexi’s headstone.

“To everyone who has helped, it means so much to us, and both of our families.

“We would like to say massive thank you to everyone, and to the Chalton Star for doing this event.”

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