Luton Activity Gurus launch new book to help dementia and mental health care

Two Luton women have penned a new book to give advice about activities which can help you care for people with mental health conditions or dementia - and even improve your own health and wellbeing.

Saturday, 23rd November 2019, 12:25 am
Left: Clare (left) and Rigerta (right). Right: their new book.
Left: Clare (left) and Rigerta (right). Right: their new book.

Rigerta Ahmetaj, 26, and Clare Copleston, 39, are proud of their new book ‘Activity Gurus: A Journey to Facilitating Meaningful Activities in Social Care.’

The authors are holding their launch today (November 23), and will be having a Facebook Live Q&A session at 6pm.

Rigerta and Clare said: “This book will take you on a journey into the everyday experiences that activity co-ordinators and carers face when providing meaningful daily activities within health and social care.

“We will provide you with an insight into tried and tested activities and the challenges we have faced - sometimes good, sometimes not so good - when working within mental health and dementia care.

“You will discover and learn through a practical guide on how to adapt activities in a person-centred approach.”

To take part in the Q&A, visit: @ActivityGurus on Facebook. The book is £12.99 on Amazon.