Luton woman braves the odds to have a watch named after her

Nicola's watch will help Sport in Mind

By Lynn Hughes
Wednesday, 22nd December 2021, 12:03 am

A Luton woman’s remarkable story, overcoming the sleep disorder narcolepsy and a near fatal car crash to become a professional sportsperson, is being told by a UK watch company, which has launched a new product in her name.

Called The Nicola, the watch represents strength and agility, with every model sold by Hagley West providing a donation to support her vital charity work.

Professional boxer Nicola Barke, known as the ‘Burmese Python’, is based in Luton. A former world title holder in Taekwondo, British number one in kickboxing and world number two in Burmese bareknuckle boxing, Nicola overcame narcolepsy, a neurological condition that can cause excessive sleepiness in the daytime and may also cause sufferers to suddenly fall asleep during any activity, to achieve outstanding sporting success.

Nicola Barke

She has also coped with the aftermath of a life-threatening car crash before committing to a career in professional boxing. Nicola is a successful academic too, having achieved a first class honours in her biomedical science degree. Supporting her journey to become a professional boxer, Nicola held down a full-time job in banking. Her chosen charity is Sport in Mind, the mental health sports charity.

Designed personally by Hagley West founder Tim Hayden, each watch in the range is named after the women that inspired it. With models retailing between £115 and £135, Hagley West will donate 5% of its sales to charities selected by each of the women.