Take part in 24 hour Luton fundraiser for mum facing spinal disease and life without hockey

Luton’s Chiltern Hockey Club is inviting the public to take part in a 24 hour sponsored dribble to raise funds for a team mate who braved a serious back operation.

Thursday, 6th June 2019, 4:42 pm

The kind hearted ladies are determined to help out Shannon Conder, 36, of Letchworth, who has degenerative disc disease and received the devastating news that she can no longer play hockey or run.

As a result of an operation earlier this year, Shannon faces a hefty medical bill which cannot be covered by insurance, so her team mates are hoping to raise £3,000 and pay half of the costs.

Hockey player, Emma Cook, said: “Shannon is an amazing person and has done lots to raise money and help other people throughout her life - she ran the London Marathon last year.

Left: Shannon. Right: playing hockey (in yellow).

“It’s a very personal thing and the money will go directly to her to help her through this difficult time.

“We miss her immensely and as a player she was getting better and better.”

To preserve her spine, Shannon had two operations earlier this year to repair what was carried out in her first operation back in 2013.

The surgery involved removing medical cages and screws from her spine before putting new screws back in, as well as taking bone from her hip and putting it on her spine.

Shannon with husband, Paul, and daughter Evelyn, aka 'pug'.

Degenerative disc disease happens when one or more of the discs between the vertebrae of the spinal column deteriorates or breaks down.

It normally begins in your 80s or 90s, but for mum Shannon, it started in her 30s.

Shannon said: “I was taken aback by the fundraiser because I didn’t feel I deserved it!

“I’d like to thank the whole club for organising it, especially the 1st XI, and my mum Glynis and my dad, Brian.

Shannon with players from The Chiltern Ladies Hockey Club.

“I was gutted when I was told I couldn’t play my sports; that’s all I’ve known since I was a kid. While I had the operation it was OK, but when you recover and start feeling back to normal that’s when things get frustrating.”

However, Shannon is a mum first and foremost and wanted to be in good health for her four-year-old daughter, Evelyn aka ‘Pug’, and her husband, Paul, 46.

The public can take part in the 24 hour dribble to help Shannon and the event will be from midday on Saturday, June 8 until midday on Sunday, June 9.

A ball must be on the pitch at all times!

Shannon (right) in action.

Come along to Ramridge Primary School for a “party-like atmosphere” and if you are thinking of arriving in the “wee small hours”, please contact the Chiltern Ladies Hockey Club Facebook page.