Trust apologises after letter containing personal details of 32 patients is sent out in Luton

A Luton woman is furious after she received a letter in the post that contained the personal details of 32 other patients.

Wednesday, 17th January 2018, 6:00 am
Charter House, Luton

Jasmine Thomas, of Leagrave, was shocked when she opened the correspondence from the Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Wellbeing Services at Charter House in Luton, and saw not only her personal information and appointment details, but also the same information for 32 other patients.

She said: “It is disgusting that an error like this has happened, these are vulnerable people and this cannot and should not happen.

“I am furious, I wonder how many other people got the same letter, with my details in.

“Anyone who has got this will know my details, they could break in to my home when I am at my appointment because they know where I live and when my appointment is.

“I am so angry and it has caused my anxiety to flare up, I am worried that they could do anything with those details, it won’t be hard to get more information about me from that, they have my name and address and NHS number, it is worrying.”

When Jasmine rang Charter House to make a complaint she was told it was an administrative error.

East London NHS Foundation Trust provides mental health services in Luton.

A spokesman for the trust said: “We wish to apologise that as a result of an isolated error in our administration department a limited number of our Luton patients have received appointment letters for other patients, along with their own appointment


“We wish to assure those affected that the letters did not contain any detailed information about the treatment or care being provided to any individual.

“We are contacting all the patients who have received these letters apologising for this error and to provide any further support or reassurance they may need.

“An internal investigation will be held to determine what happened and identify all necessary actions needed to prevent any repeat. The Trust will also notify the Information Commissioner.”

Jasmine added: “I have not received any support from them, no one has contacted me. I am outraged,

“Someone I know got the letter as well and they have had support from them and have been given details of support services but I have not heard from anyone.

“I have had to contact my doctor and dentist to make sure no one has used my NHS number, this is all stress I do not need.”