Communities across Dunstable and Luton come together for a cultural celebration

The event was held by Luton, Dunstable & Surrounding Kenyan Community Forum

Communities came together for a Thanksgiving Dinner and Awards Night in Dunstable.

The event was held by Luton, Dunstable & Surrounding Kenyan Community Forum (LDSKCF), at the Dunstable Conference Centre, at the weekend.

The non-profit organisation aims to celebrate Kenyan heritage while advocating for the community’s youth, many who were rewarded for their achievements on the night.

The event played host to Luton mayor Yaqub Hanif, Louise O'Riordan, deputy mayor of Dunstable, and mayor of Ampthill Susan Clinch, along with other local representatives, while Bedfordshire’s High Sheriff Russell Beard was also in attendance with Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Ian Dalgarno. MPs Rachel Hopkins and Sarah Owen also joined the fun.

The vibrant evening involved Kenyan food, dancing and an award ceremony for members and guests.

Among the moments highlighted by organisers was when Ms Owens was asked ‘what kind of chocolate she was’ to which she replied: “I’m a Kinder Egg – kind of hard on the outside but a big kid on the inside.”

LDSKCF Chairwoman and organiser Sally Kimondo described the event as a success.

She said: “We were pleased that so many dignitaries and representatives came. There was so much love and warmth shared as we celebrated our community champions, who would not otherwise be recognised for anything outside of the community, and who give back so much.

“And it was a highlight to be able to recognise our youths who, in the past, have spoken about experiencing an identity crisis. Because when they’re in the UK, they’re observed as Kenyans and in Kenya they are observed as British. In the community they have a sense of belonging and can come together to be recognised.”

“Every year we’re able to give thanks to each other and recognise our unsung heroes.”

The community’s next event will be its Women’s Day Out on February 24.

Visit the community’s website for more details of events throughout the year.

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