Luton schoolchildren discover life before social media

It was part of a performance at Wardown Museum
Youngsters learn about life before live streamingYoungsters learn about life before live streaming
Youngsters learn about life before live streaming

A new project which helps children unleash their creative side while understanding what life was like before live streaming, TikTok and Snapchat, has been brought to Luton for the first time.

Created by Bedfordshire dance agency BEEE Creative, the project, Museums in Motion, has resulted in the launch of a short film installation, produced by students from The Chalk Hills Academy.

Set within the cultural surroundings of Wardown House, the film is available to view for free at the Museum or online.

Partnering with The Culture Trust Luton, BEEE Creative worked with The Chalk Hills Academy to identify children, aged 11 to 13, who would benefit in the initiative which focuses on unpacking mobile technology.

Under the guidance of international award-winning agency, MakeAMPLIFY and BEEE Creative, over three days in October, the students took on the roles of dancers, directors, film makers and musicians in the creation of a film which explores the objects and technology that preceded the role of mobile phone apps and functions today.

Students learned how these apps can impact the way people live, behave, and move, while exploring life before people became consumed by a life dominated by the apps within a mobile phone.

Carrie Washington, owner of BEEE Creative, said: “The generation of people born into the age of mobile communication have no comprehension of life without live streaming, instant messaging and online gaming. The pressure to be ‘always on’ can often be intense and, through Museums in Motion, we wanted to create a project which enabled participants to not only explore technology, but to spark creativity and collaboration with peers.

Through The Culture Trust Luton and Wardown House Museum & Gallery, we have been able to bring this vision to life and the participants have benefited hugely from the experience. We are now delighted that their film can be viewed by members of the public.”

Museums in Motion will be available to view at Wardown House Museum & Gallery every Monday – Wednesday from 11am to 5pm. Or it can be viewed online at BEEE Creative’s Vimeo Channel.

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