A beautiful love story from beyond the grave - the spectacular musical Ghost

Ghost The Musical
Ghost The Musical

Never was a musical more fittingly described as ‘haunting’.

With heart-breaking raw emotion, moving musical numbers and stunning visual effects, Ghost The Musical is a timeless love story not to be missed.

Sculptor Molly’s world is completely shattered when her boyfriend Sam is brutally murdered in New York.

Sam remains trapped between this life and the next as a ghost trying to communicate with Molly through a phoney psychic and save her from his murderer. He’s fighting to protect her, but there’s one other thing that is keeping him in the spirit world - he never told her he loved her.

Actress Rebecca Trehearn who plays Molly said: “It’s a real roller coaster of emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry - it’s very moving. Bring tissues, that’s my top tip.”

Rebecca, who was the understudy for Molly when the show ran in the West End, has not watched the cult 90s film the show is based on since she was eight.

She said: “I made a point of not watching it but I might do once the tour is finished. The really lovely thing was getting to do a full rehearsal process and find my own take on the role –I never felt like I was being shoehorned into somebody else’s role. Molly is quite a fiesty character, despite what she’s going through she’s never a victim. ”

Part of the role means acting alongside ‘ghost’ Sam (played by Stewart Clarke), who Molly can’t see.

Rebecca said: “It’s really strange. Most of the time I’m looking straight through him, which is a shame, as Stewart is gorgeous and you want to look at him all the time.”

To create Sam the ghost, the show uses dazzling state-of-the-art staging.

Rebecca said: “The illusions are incredible, people won’t have seen anything like it before, and doing the tour it’s absolutely brilliant to see how audiences react differently to it.”

As well as fantastic smoke, mirrors and stage-craft, Ghost The Musical features stunning musical numbers.

Rebecca said: “With the singing, you’re watching people have a massive peak of emotion and it’s a substitute for the close-ups you get in film. You can’t have close-ups on stage so instead you have the singing. It’s such gorgeous music - “With You” is probably my favourite number, it’s very emotional, and very draining singing it every night.”

There is comic relief in the show as well in the form of the phoney psychic Wendy-Mae, but you’ll definitely be weeping by the end.

Rebecca said: “We always have people crying at the end, we can hear them from the stage. It’s the response we want, it’s very satisfying as you know you have done your job.”