Can you help this little dog?

ANIMAL LOVERS are urgently needed to help elderly and ill pet owners to care for their beloved companions in Luton.

Many pet owners become very depressed and worried about the fate of their animals when they can no longer walk them as much, and feel their only option is to rehome them, which is heartbreaking for both human and their four legged companion.

The Cinnamon Trust is a national charity for the terminally ill and elderly and their much loved, much needed pets.

Around 15,000 volunteers help to keep owners and pets together, either by walking a dog for a housebound owner, fostering pets when owners need hospital care and even cleaning out the bird cage.

Unfortunately there aren’t any volunteers in Luton and there is a little Jack Russell whose owner is struggling to walk him.

The Cinnamon Trust is desperate for volunteers in Bedfordshire, even if you can only offer an hour a week it will improve the dog’s quality of life and give the owner peace of mind.

If anyone can help call Sally on 01736 758 707 or email [email protected] Please also check the website for more details

“Hello! Here is a picture of me and my best friend! I am the one curled up in a ball! We have been best friends for many years now and we have been through everything together.

Unfortunately my best friend has become a bit poorly recently and she is now unable to take me out for walks. She gets really upset that she is not able to do this with me anymore and wonders if I am still happy. I have even overheard her talking about whether it would be better for me to go and live with a new best friend! She loves me so much and is getting quite distressed with all of the worry. Neither of us wants to be separated, neither of us wants to be alone. It would change our lives for the worse. Who would we talk to if we weren’t together anymore?

Luckily we have been told about a charity organisation called The Cinnamon Trust. They have volunteers all over the country who help people and their pets in similar situations to ours by taking us out for walks, helping with cat care, visits to vets etc.

The only problem is there are no volunteers in the area! If anyone reading this could offer any help at all, even if it’s just an hour a week, it would mean that my best friend and I could stay together forever and neither of us would get lonely.

We want to be together until the end of our days so if you think you can help make this possible by taking me out for a walk then please can you call Sally on 01736 758 707 or drop her an email [email protected]

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