Crowdfunding launch for Luton family’s Honestly Good Smoothie Company

A family business is launching a crowdfunding campaign today to move its base out of the kitchen and “save the world one smoothie at a time”.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 3:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 3:06 pm
Vikesh and Neeta: Weve even got Dad helping with preparation!

Hardworking mother and son duo, Vikesh and Neeta Kotecha, of Graham Gardens, are looking for new premises for The Honestly Good Smoothie Company, as they hope to move food production and admin duties out of their home.

The family and its team aim to scale the business and invest in technology to provide a 100 per cent re-usable, free to return packaging system, and personalised nutrition plans.

Vikesh said: “We decided to crowdfund as we’ve reached a point where we think we’re ready to take the next step in our journey. My parents’ house has also been pushed to its limits in terms of capacity.

“I think crowdfunding would be a great way to raise funds to grow, but in a way that would be a chance for the community to get involved and help to shape the future.”

The business started in 2017 after Vikesh was inspired to create smoothies to help others because his mum’s healthy recipes soothed his digestive problems.

The team also has an eco-friendly mission. Customers receive a temperature controlled box with sheep’s wool lining and ready-to-blend sachets, and can return wool liners in the mail bag provided.

Vikesh added: “The cardboard box is recycled, the woollen liner is upcycled wool, and the pouches are 100 per cent recyclable. We’ll be looking to replace all of this packaging bit by bit to become 100 per cent re-usable.”

The equity-based crowdfunding campaign will be launched via Crowdcube.

Along with an opportunity to invest from £10 there will be rewards including smoothies, nutrition consultations and more!