Luton pub receives another generous donation from Scandanavian Supporters' Club

Luton Town Supporters’ Club of Scandinavia continues to help The Bricklayers Arms

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 1:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 1:20 pm

The landlady of a pub in Luton has thanked the Luton Town Supporters' Club of Scandinavia for their continued support for the pub.

Alison Taylor, landlady of The Bricklayers Arms, was shocked when she received the news that the supporters' club had raised another £1,000 for the pub - in May last year, they made the same donation.

Alison said: "It's the same group that donated to us last year. Thomas, who's the chairman of the group emailed me to say they had raised another £1,000.

Some of the members of Luton Town Supporters’ Club of Scandinavia at The Bricklayers Arms

"I couldn't believe it, I was in shock really, it's so kind of them.

"He phoned me the next day and I told him how grateful I was and told him that we would be using the money to make some improvements to the outside area.

"Without the support from the Luton Town Supporters’ Club of Scandinavia we would not have been able to make these improvements. We won't be opening until May 17 though.

"I'm looking forward to opening and welcoming customers back, especially this group, hopefully they can come and watch Luton play next season!"