Happy Birthday Spam!

FOOD lovers are being encouraged to crack open a can of Spam to celebrated the famous tinned meat’s 75th birthday.

Sunday, 4th March 2012, 8:04 am

Next week is official Spam Appreciation Week (March 5 – March 9), so what better excuse to whip up a Spam sandwich, Spam fritter or even pop some Spam on your pizza.

Spam was launched after Hormel Foods developed a recipe for a 12oz can of spiced ham in 1936. Because the new product was quickly copied by competitors, Jay Hormel was determined to find a brand name with a distinct identity to set it apart from competitive products.

He launched a series of contests and offered a $100 prize for the best name. Kenneth Daigneau, actor-brother of Hormel Foods vice president Ralph Daigneau, submitted the name Spam at a New Year’s Eve party.

Here are a few more tasty Spam facts to tuck into...

– The official Spam Museum is located in Austin, Minnesota and attracts thousands of visitors every year – More than seven billion cans of Spam products have been opened since its launch back in 1937 – They may only be islands, but Hawaii and Guam go crazy for Spam Chopped Pork and Ham.

– In Aloha State more than 7 million Spam products are sold per year and Hawaii even hosts its own annual Spam Jam festival in Honolulu.

– In Guam an average of 16 Spam products are consumed by every person per year. – Spam Chopped Pork and Ham is made from prime shoulder pork and ham – Celebrity Spam Fans include Chris Moyles, Heston Blumenthal, James May and Alex James – In South Korea, Spam Chopped Pork and Ham is considered a gourmet delicacy and is often given as a gift