Do you still clear the decks for a good spring clean?

Spring cleaning is a ritual that is centuries old, so it is surprising to learn that over a third (37 per cent) of UK homeowners do not undertake a yearly spring clean of their property.

Swinton, the UK’s leading high street retailer of home insurance, carried out a survey of its customers to find out about their spring cleaning habits.

When it comes to the big yearly clean, only 63 per cent take time to dust away the winter cobwebs and unbolt the windows to let in the spring air.

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Being the ‘hub of the home’ it is not surprising to learn that nearly half find the kitchen to be the most difficult to clean, possibly as a result of food spillages, grease and oils that build up over the year.

Cleaning the bathroom is also the dread of 19 per cent of homeowners, while 17 per cent hate cleaning the garage.

A huge majority of homeowners prefer to tackle the job of spring cleaning their home themselves, with only two per cent admitting that they hire a professional cleaner, while half of homeowners call on their partner, children, friends or extended family to help out with the spring clean.

Surprisingly, 40 per cent of homeowners neglect to clean the outside of their property.

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Swinton claims manager Steve Chelton said: “It’s surprising to learn that while ‘spring cleaning’ is a term embedded in history, most homeowners do not actually undertake an annual deep clean of their home.

“It’s important for all homeowners to remember that carrying out routine maintenance on their property such as cleaning out gutters, touching up paintwork and keeping trees and plants trimmed can go a long way to preventing costly home repairs further down the line.”

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