Luton’s top 10 dark urban myths, true horror stories and unexplained events

The UK has a history of hauntings and Luton is no exception, with its own past of spooky goings on.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 4:20 pm
Have you seen any spooky goings on in Luton?

With Halloween just around the corner, these are some of the scariest urban myths, true horror stories and creepiest unexplained events in Luton's history.

Although it's now gone, the historic cinema The Alma was said to be cursed, and during the buildings demolition, a bloodied cap of a workman who had allegedly fallen to his death during construction was found.
Ever since a storm in the 18th century in Galley Hill set alight the gibbet, the area has been said to be haunted by a ghostly black dog ever since.
The Museum and Art Gallery in Wardown Park also boasts its share of hauntings, with ghostly manifestations being sighted in the 70s. There have been reports of a female figure, thought to have once been a Victorian housekeeper.
Patrons at this bar may have come into contact with a ghost called Ann, who was murdered in the pub long ago. Some customers have even reported sitting and talking with the ghost as they were unaware that she was a phantom.
Once, a man sitting in his flat in Dorset Court reported seeing a headless man in his doorway. The next day, the mans face was covered in blood and the bathroom walls were covered too. An exorcism was quickly arranged.
On Sundon Road in Houghton Regis, there have been reports of a dark-clad figure. Road users have claimed to have seen and felt the mysterious figure, and it's said to cross the road in front of traffic.
Years ago, a man walking by The Chequers pub reported seeing the head and shoulders of a figure in the distance disappear into thin air. At the same spot a few days later, the same man reported being pushed by an unseen force
Earlier this year, the Luton Paranormal Society investigated Winch Cottage, where they managed to capture the image of a mysterious blue orb, floating inside the cottage.
A resident at Marsh Farm reported paranormal goings on at the property, including seeing a dark figure next to their bed, the feeling of being touched on the back of the head and all sorts of spooky noises.
A mysterious figure has been reported at Buttercup Lane in Dunstable - it's described as almost 10ft tall, floating about 18 inches off the ground, and wearing a big brimmed hat. The figure is said to be shrouded in a glowing mist