New homes open the door to big savings

As the country prepares itself for the latest round of energy price increases and another bitterly cold winter, it’s clear that very few homeowners will escape the impact of fuel price rises over the coming months.

New homes have long claimed benefits over old in terms of energy efficiency, but now national housebuilder Taylor Wimpey claims that buying a new home could actually help purchasers reduce their costs in the long run and make savvy savings in 2013.

According to research carried out by the housebuilder, buying new could save you over £1,200 a year in energy bills.

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Taylor Wimpey used an independent, qualified assessor to compare the energy efficiency and estimated cost of fuel bills for two properties – a traditional three-bedroom detached house built in the early 1900s, and a brand new three bedroom Taylor Wimpey home.

The results showed a stark difference, with energy costs totalling an estimated £1,732 a year in the older property compared to just £510 in the new home. CO2 emissions from the older property were also nearly four times higher than those of the new build home.

Steve Rolt, sales and marketing director for Taylor Wimpey South Midlands, says: “A home is probably the most expensive investment you’ll ever make, and it’s important to make the right decision. Choosing a new home over a second-hand property could save you thousands on DIY, maintenance and improvements, not to mention ongoing savings in areas such as fuel bills.

“By moving to a brand new Taylor Wimpey home, homeowners can benefit from a range of energy-saving features as standard, such as double-glazed windows and patio doors throughout, wall insulation and energy efficient heating. We know these features make our modern homes significantly more energy efficient than older properties, leading to dramatically reduced fuel bills.

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“Add to this the advantages of having no unpredictable property chains plus the different financial incentives and assistance packages we can offer at the time of purchase, the savings and benefits really do start to add up.”

New homes are designed to accommodate modern lifestyles and offer features such as en-suite bathrooms, fitted wardrobes, plenty of built-in storage, modern appliances and flexible three-storey living space not often found in older homes.

Steve added: “A new property offers buyers a blank canvas which means you don’t have to go through the cost and effort of putting right other people’s decoration and DIY disasters.

“And it’s not just home improvement costs to consider, ongoing structural maintenance of older properties can be a costly and time-consuming business and many owners are forced to bring in the professionals for major jobs, including repairs to roofs, plumbing and wiring.

“All new Taylor Wimpey properties come with an NHBC certificate so you can relax knowing that the structure of your home is guaranteed for 10 years.”