Luton drivers pay more for petrol

Luton has been named in the top 10 worst places for motorists, according to a new study.

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 12:59 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 3:45 pm

The findings, from Compare My Mobile, reveal Luton is one of the most expensive places for commuters with locals spending one of the highest amounts per litre of petrol at £1.30. On average travellers in Luton only spend around 3.44 per cent of their salary to commute, but their petrol prices are high putting them 4th in the UK.

And although the study thinks Luton is a city, it reveals just by filling up twice a month, drivers in Luton end up spending £1,716 a year. Whereas those just 20 miles down the road in Bedford, save £66 in petrol prices by filling up twice a month.

Compare My Mobile reveals the cost of living for a variety of products and services in 100 locations across the UK.

The best and the worst

Top 10 worst UK cities for petrol costs:

City average price of petrol per litre

Westminster £1.33

Croydon £1.32

Cambridge £1.31

Luton £1.30

Brighton £1.30

Crawley £1.29

London £1.29

St Albans £1.29

Surrey £1.29

Watford £1.29

Travellers commuting in the capital around Westminster and Croydon all dish out the most, spending around £1.33 per litre each time. Findings also show that those located in the Midlands and North of England are spending less of their hard earned cash to keep their car filled up.

Top 10 best UK cities for petrol costs:

Location average price of petrol per litre

Tottenham £1.21

Royal Leamington Spa £1.23

Sheffield £1.24

Stoke-on-Trent £1.24

Barnsley £1.25

Bedford £1.25

Exeter £1.25

Milton Keynes £1.25

Stockport £1.25

Warrington £1.25