Excitement over Star Wars awakens in Luton already!

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The latest trailer is out, the advance tickets are already on sale... yes, we’re all feeling the full Force of Star Wars even though it’s two months until Episode VII arrives in cinemas.

Websites for some cinema chains went into meltdown last week when the tickets went on sale for the December 17 release.

Luton Cineworld has already had many people log on to book their trip to that galaxy far far away.

The first Force Awakens screening in Luton on launch day is at 9.30am and already 27 seats had been taken when I checked last week.

My son, aged 7, is Star Wars crazy and so Santa’s going to have no trouble filling up his stocking this year with the toys already on the market, demonstrating just how far the output from Santa’s elves has evolved since the days of wooden trains and spinning tops!

Some of the alternative Star Wars gifts you can pick up from Uncle Milton and Flair include:

> Lightsaber Room Light...The ultimate test of a Jedi is being able to build your own lightsaber. I found the biggest ‘problem’ with this is it’s so realistic my son was desperate to yank the device off the wall and pretend to be Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi or Darth Vader!

> Mini Lightsaber Assortment...Discover the science behind light and optics and how conductors work with build-able 20cm mini versions of Anakin Skywalker’s and Darth Vader’s lightsabers.

> Jedi Holocron... Think of any Star Wars character, location or technology and the Holocron will try and read your mind in 20 questions or less.

> Jedi Force Levitator... Suspend and move objects in the air using electrostatic force.

The Force Trainer ll: Hologram Experience... Children can move holograms with their mind.

For more details see www.starwarsscience.com.