These are the most haunted places in the UK

October is the month of all things spooky and while many may choose to celebrate the 31st with copious helpings of sweets and horror films, others may be hoping for a real scare this Halloween.

The UK is home to many a supposedly haunted location, but some have garnered a reputation as being particularly spooky thanks to some unusual and unexplained goings-on. To determine where is the most haunted, Authentic Vacations analysed a range of popular ghostly tourist buildings around the country that were reviewed on TripAdvisor. Each venue was awarded a 'scare score' based on mentions of 'haunted', 'scary', 'ghost' and 'scared', and the overall TripAdvisor ratings. Sceptics and believers alike who are hoping to experience a glimpse of supernatural activity this Halloween should pay a visit to one of these 10 destinations, ranked as the most haunted in the UK.

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