London Luton is one of the busiest airports in the UK - ranking in the top 5

A new report ranks all the airports in the UK which has the most passengers, airlines, and destinations
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Whether people will be happy about starting their holiday or have the post-holiday blues, all airports and airlines across the country are bracing themselves for another busy summer period.

The 2023 Busiest Airport Report by ePower Trucks ranks the most popular airports based on the amount of passengers, the amount of airlines and total destinations, revealing the best airport for holidays to different countries.

And London Luton is 5th on the list with ​13,322,000 passengers, eight airlines and 88 possible destinations.

Airport Terminal Airport Terminal
Airport Terminal

Top 5 Busiest Airports Across the UK (by passengers)

1. London Heathrow - 61,599,196

Considering the population of London, there is no surprise that Heathrow Airport is the most popular. Heathrow has had many major events happen within its terminals. When Queen Elizabeth II opened the central terminal room in 1955 to the most recent appearance in major films like Love Actually, which began with a montage from there. It also has 86 airlines and a total of 171 destinations to choose from, making Heathrow the go-to airport for international travel.

2. London Gatwick – 32,839,000

The next popular airport is another London one, London Gatwick. They are the secondary airport in the area to Heathrow, based in West Sussex. They handle long-haul and short-haul flights. They also have 47 airlines and 165 destinations to visit. Despite them being in this position, they still have 28,760,196 fewer passengers a year than Heathrow.

3. Manchester - 23,369,770

Manchester is the only airport outside of London to break into the top 5. Their extensive scale and exceptional amenities enable it to cater to a greater number of long-distance flights. They have 50 airlines, and 146 possible destinations people can visit. Manchester acts as a major international hub for travellers from the north of England.

4. London Stansted - 23,319,523

Stansted Airport, London's third major airport, consistently achieves comparable passenger volumes to Manchester Airport, despite its single runway and terminal configuration. This airport serves as a favoured choice for individuals, especially in the northern areas of London or the less populated regions of East England. Despite only having 10 airlines, they have flights to 153 countries which proves their popularity.

5. London Luton - 13,322,000

Securing the fifth position is yet another prominent London airport. Situated approximately 35 miles north of Central London and boasts its status as a significant town. Since then, passenger traffic at the airport has witnessed a remarkable surge. Like Stansted airport, they have a low amount of airlines at just 8 but they still have flights to 88 possible destinations.


We used data from World Data Info about the busiest airports in the UK. Looked at the amount of passengers that travelled from these airports to see the busiest and quietest.

For information about each airport, we looked at their individual website and looked at the history section (e.g. Heathrow history). Also, a list of popular destinations from these airports is in the ePower Airport report.

Found the total amount of passengers through the Office for National Statistics about travel trends.

The top populated areas in the UK were listed through the World Population Review website.

The most popular airlines data was from the YouGov website.

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