VIDEO: Action-packed Polish festival for Luton

A vibrant new Polish festival delighted Luton residents, as they were able to experience music and culture from Eastern Europe.

Tuesday, 20th September 2016, 2:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 1:44 pm
Polish Festival

On September 11 Luton Polish Festival saw a variety of dance, music, DJ, and beauty events take to the town centre.

The sun shone down as guests were treated to food stalls, arts and crafts and 20 Polish businesses offering their services.

Festival organiser, Sebastian Dolinski, said: “We wanted to show the Luton community what Polish culture has to offer. It is a chance to see a new side to us, and recognise the sports and activities we do in the UK.

Polish Festival

“We haven’t organised one before and it was great to get involved and contribute to the area - my family and I loved going to the High Town Festival.”

Clubs involved in this year’s event included Promethidion, a children’s music group performing in original Krakow folk costumes, Tina’s School of Dance, actors from POSK theatre London, DJ Ande, and musical star Martin Fitch, who graduated from Warsaw Academy Theater and has appeared in shows including Les Miserables.

Sebastian even invited singers who were guests from his hometown of Zaklikow, Poland.

He said: “Next year we hope to hold the event earlier in the summer. We are encouraging more sports teams to become involved, for example we’d like to showcase Luton boxing club Strike 06.”

Polish Festival

Contact Sebastian at: [email protected]

Video courtesy of Luton Digital Media Archives.