24 hour ‘Artathon’ commences at Luton studio

Liz Aldous is running a 24-hour continuous art session
Liz Aldous is running a 24-hour continuous art session

Artists who like an adrenaline rush can drop into a Luton studio any time until tomorrow as it engages in a 24-hour art session.

Flamingo Arts on High Town Road began its stint at 1pm this afternoon and it will remain open until 1pm tomorrow for people to come in and do some artwork.

The idea is the brainchild of Liz Aldous, who is raising money to help refugee children on the Greek island of Lesbos – where she will be travelling in three weeks.

Liz said: “It’s a nice way of getting people from the community involved in the bigger picture. People are coming together to support a cause but at the same time doing something they enjoy.”

Travelling to Lesbos represents a big challenge for Liz, who will be running arts groups for children in the refugee camps and assisting with their day-to-day needs.

She said: “I’ve prepared myself in terms of documentation and supplies but what I can’t prepare myself for is what I might see and what I might hear when I’m out there.

“I’m excited but there’s a lot I don’t know, I’ve read as much as I possibly can. I do feel I’m representing all of the kind people I know in Luton who’ve been supportive, so I feel I’ve got a whole pack of people behind me.”

The artathon runs until 1pm tomorrow and particpants are asked to make a donation to Liz’s cause.

Others are invited to donate to the refugee trip here.