Another MND breakthrough

A ROGUE gene that appears to cause almost half the cases of the inherited form of Motor Neurone Disease has been identified.

This is the most common cause of the disease found to date and could lead to tests for families who have a history of MND.

The latest find comes hot on the heels of another breakthrough in the search for a cure for the killer condition, reported in our sister paper, the Herald&Post, last month.

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It was that the ‘rubbish recycling’ system in motor neurones is central to the degeneration seen with the disease.

MNDA director of research development Dr Brian Dickie said: “Discoveries in genetics are driving the ever-increasing momentum of motor neurone disease research.

“Chromosome 9 has been a prime suspect for some time but pinning down the precise genetic factor involved had proved elusive.

“The discovery of the rogue gene has the potential to significantly advance our understanding, helping scientists to home in on the pivotal cellular changes underlying all forms of the diseases”

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Luton inventor Earl Venner, who has bulbar palsy, said: “It may be too late for some of us, but it seems that a new, wide and tree-lined ‘third avenue’ has been opened.”

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