Apple to fix the most annoying iPhone feature

Everybody knows that iPhones are great. When the tech giant launched the first iPhone in 2007 it changed the mobile phone market forever and a quick glance at network tariffs will tell you that handsets with fruit on the back are as desirable as ever.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 1:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:48 pm
the iOS 10 upgrade will bring a host of improvements when it is released later this year
the iOS 10 upgrade will bring a host of improvements when it is released later this year

That doesn’t mean that the popular smartphones are perfect however. They are expensive compared with many comparably specified competitors and the ‘virtual assistant’ Siri struggles with some regional British accents.

But if you own an iPhone with touch ID, the likelihood is you’re being irritated by something much more basic - disappearing notifications.

For those not in the know, when you wake up a sleeping iPhone it will display your push notifications such as messages, Facebook alerts, calendar items and newspaper app alerts on the notification centre on the lock screen.

The problem is, if you wake up the phone using the homescreen button, the touch ID function is so fast that you can often fly past the notifications as you are still trying to read them.

Once you have unlocked the phone, the notifications are gone from the screen and you have to manually navigate to the notification centre or to each app individually to read your notifications.

But, fear not, a solution to this first world problem is in the works.

Apple has announced at its Worldwide Developer Conference this week that the next big software update for iPhones and iPads - iOS 10 - will solve the problem.

The new ‘rich notifications’ features will allow users to get more information than ever before without unlocking the phone, and the ‘raise to wake’ function will wake the iPhone whenever a user lifts the handset to eye level - meaning you’ll see your notifications without touching the home or lock buttons.

The iOS 10 update will be available for iPhone owners this autumn and will feature improved security features, new emojis, an improved maps service and a host of other upgrades.

“iOS 10 is our biggest release ever, with delightful new ways to express yourself in messages, a native app for home automation and beautifully redesigned apps for music, maps, and news that are more intuitive and more powerful, making everything you love about your iPhone and iPad even better,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering.

“iOS 10 adds Siri intelligence into QuickType and photos, automates your home with the new Home app and opens up Siri, maps, phone and messages to developers — while increasing security and privacy with powerful technologies like differential privacy.”

Earlier this year it was reported that an upgrade to current operating system iOS 9 (iOS 9.3) caused major issues to owners of older iPhones and iPads. A patch was released resolving the issue at the end of March.