Bangkok Lady Boys make it to Luton in time, after A1 truck mishap just two days before show...

Lady Boys of Bangkok. Credit: Hugo Michiels Photography.
Lady Boys of Bangkok. Credit: Hugo Michiels Photography.

Touring show The Lady Boys of Bangkok nearly didn’t make tonight’s Luton performance, as disaster struck when their 40ft articulated lorry broke down on the A1.

The cast and crew were on their way to Peterborough early on Tuesday afternoon when their truck suffered from a split air pipe which caused the brakes to lock-on.

Trevor fast asleep on the red carpet.

Trevor fast asleep on the red carpet.

The cabaret show, described as “16 of the most glamorous show girls in the world – who happen to be boys – with a grumpy dwarf from Oldham (Trevor Jones)”, was then under threat, as the 50 seater coach had to head on to Peterborough without their lorry full of props!

Binky Beaumont, theatre promoter for Gandey World Class Productions, said: “We were at the side of the A1 just south of Newark on Trent causing a traffic block, and Trevor, who is known as Peter Kay’s sidekick and one of the original Ewoks, was at the roadside, so people were slowing down to see him!

“He likes to travel in the truck with our driver, Peter.

“We were at Peterborough that evening at 7.30pm, and if we didn’t make it we’d have to cancel Wednesday’s Harlow show or Luton on Thursday!”

Luckily, manager Max Bauer was telephoned, and he was able to drive another lorry from their Cheshire base to the stranded A1 vehicle at 4.15pm, giving the keys to Peter, who whizzed the props down to Peterborough on the new truck just in time.

Binky said: “It was a mammoth operation but Tuesday’s show got a standing ovation!

“Although we had a meeting with the team on Tuesday night who said please don’t think we can jump around in two hours again! Two of the cast members broke a nail, which didn’t go down very well, causing a lot of hilarity.

“Before the show we also found Trevor asleep on the red carpet on stage. He’d never been so stressed!”

Lady Boys of Bangkok is on at Luton Library Theatre tonight at 7.30pm: 01582 878100. £23 /£21 concessions.