Baroness faces question time with pupils at Luton school

Pupils at Someries Infant School in Luton were delighted to receive a visit from Baroness Young as part of learning about Parliament Week and the Gunpowder Plot, .

Monday, 19th November 2018, 3:00 pm
Baroness Young of Old Scone with pupils at Someries Infant School

Before the visit the children had been thinking in class about laws, parliament and how the country is run as part of their learning about democracy.

Baroness Young attended a school assembly to talk about her role, about decisions made and about the history of the House of Lords.

The children had prepared some questions for the Baroness and asked her ‘Do you have arguments in the House of Lords?’, ‘Have you met any of the Royal family?’ and ‘would you go on Strictly Come Dancing?’.

The Baroness replied that there were debates, but not arguments, she has met the Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Anne and that she does not think that she is very good at dancing!

The Baroness then met the school MPs, elected by their classmates, who told her about their work in school and asked her some more searching questions such as ‘How does it feel to talk in front of so many people?’, ‘Have you ever made any laws?’ and ‘What is the best part of being a Baroness?’.

The children really liked the answer of the best part of being a Baroness which was being able to help people, making a difference and getting used to speaking in front of lots of people.

After the visit, reception pupils were observed practising writing letters, Year one pupils discussed the answers to the questions and thought of more questions, and year two pupils related the visit to their learning about Guy Fawkes.

Mark Lavery, the school’s Parliament leader , said: “We would like to thank Baroness Young for taking the time to visit our school. The children learned so much and we hope that the Baroness will be able to visit the school again next year.”