Big Ride for Palestine zooms to Luton

Ride for Palestine
Ride for Palestine

Around 170 cyclists from across the country were received in Luton to cheers, applause and the tooting of horns, as the Big Ride for Palestine came to town.

The Luton Palestine Solidarity Campaign (LPSC) was pleased to host riders taking part in the fourth Big Ride when they arrived during their tour (Aug 3-5) from Coventry to London and were joined by around 30 Luton cyclists, taking the total to 200.

Jalal Saad, of the PSC, said: “The aim was to raise money for the Middle East Children’s Alliance, a charity created to provide support for children suffering from abuse, imprisonment and trauma.

“The organisers said Luton provided the warmest welcome of their entire tour and we’d like to thank our volunteers, as well as Kabanas Restaurant, The University of Bedfordshire and Al-Akbaria Mosque.”