Bingo is best for misbehaving pupils

Teachers offered crash course in calls

A Luton gaming spot is offering teachers crash courses in bingo, after a government report revealed pupils should play the game to stop them misbehaving.

Mecca Bingo in Skimpot Road will be giving lessons in how to become an expert caller - and the first teachers to sign up will be given free bingo books to take back to the classroom.

The pledge of support follows the findings of government school behaviour expert Sir Alan Steer, who believes that many school discipline problems begin when children lose interest in lessons.

Bingo was identified as an ideal way of maintaining pupils concentration and making numbers fun.

Teachers may also want to develop their own set of contemporary calls from 'Number seven, Ronaldo Heaven' to 'Number 10, Gordon's Den'.

Mecca Luton manager, Thuran Sanmugadas said: "We were thrilled to hear that bingo has been recognised as a fun way of keeping minds focused. Our members already know that this British institution is a fantastic way to keep the brain active and we look forward to welcoming local teachers back to the classroom in our club."