Bury Park backing for Luton Town’s Power Court and Newlands plans

Support in Bury Park for #saveourtown
Support in Bury Park for #saveourtown

Ambassadors from the #saveourtown campaign were given a warm welcome in Bury Park at the weekend, the venue for the first in a series of planned community engagement events in Luton.

Representatives from the newly-formed campaign met with residents and business owners to discuss Luton Town’s Power Court and Newlands Park planning developments, which they say will deliver up to 10,000 new jobs, revitalise the town centre, create a new football stadium and provide an exciting new gateway for the town.

Support in Bury Park for #saveourtown

Support in Bury Park for #saveourtown

Bury Park is the current home of Luton Town Football Club, but moving the stadium to the town centre will open up land for housing in the area and allow regeneration to take place.

The campaign has been working closely with the Bury Park community in order to arrange the event, which provided the opportunity to discuss the plans in more detail.

Peter Kotecha, owner of the Home Improvement Centre, said: “This will have a tremendous effect on the area and will be the transformation that we’ve need for a long time.”

John Archell, Vice Chair of the #saveourtown campaign said: “Campaign ambassadors have really enjoyed working in partnership with volunteers from the Bury Park community – communities uniting for what’s best for the future of this town is at the heart of our campaign.

“There’s a lot of positivity about the campaign and the need for regeneration for Luton.

“We’ve only managed to see a fraction of the people who wanted to speak to us, so we’ll be back soon to finish the job.”

When launched on May 6, the #saveourtown campaign pledged to give a voice to Lutonians and people who care about Luton, drawn from all parts of the community, as well as demonstrating the huge support for the Power Court and Newlands Park proposals across the town.

The proposals are currently being opposed by Capital & Regional (C&R), operators of The Mall, and #saveourtown believes that the property investment company is only interested in maintaining its dominant retail position in Luton town centre “which it has used as a cash cow for too long”.