Council backs national campaign

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Employment news

Luton Borough council is supporting a national campaign to reduce the number of long-term empty homes in the area.

They have an empty homes officer who works closely with homeowners and local residents to tackle the issue, in a bid to increase the local housing supply.

The officer is available to advise owners of the support options available to help them bring their properties back into use and generate income through renting or selling.

The council is aware of more than 200 properties in Luton which have been empty for six months or longer.

Councillor Tom Shaw said: “We have a desperate shortage of housing in Luton, particularly for affordable family accommodation, so it is incredibly frustrating that we have more 200 empty properties rotting away and serving no purpose.

“Not only that, they are also a financial burden for owners and attract crime, arson, vandalism, squatting and antisocial behaviour; and reduce the value of surrounding properties.

“Empty Homes Week is an opportunity for us to provide a timely reminder that we can work with owners who may be struggling to sell or let out their property and help them bring their property back to the market for financial return.

“We also want to hear from residents who live next door to, or know of an empty property as this will allow us to make contact with the owner to start the process of getting it back into use.”

Anyone who owns an empty home, or thinks a house is not being lived in, should contact the empty homes officer on 01582 546370.