Luton Airport at the core of easyJet profit boom

easyJet operates out of Luton Airport
easyJet operates out of Luton Airport

Luton Airport has been integral to impressive financial results for easyJet, according to the budget airline.

It was revealed yesterday that between October and March easyJet made a pre-tax profit of £7m– a huge improvement on the £53m it lost in the same period the previous year.

Typically airlines lose money in the first half of the year but make profits in the second six months due to sales of summer packages.

However a strong ski season and an earlier Easter holiday period helped easyJet to a £60m year on year profit swing.

The airline’s UK market director Sophie Dekkers told the Herald & Post that Luton Airport has been at the core of the positive results.

She said: “At Luton we’ve grown and added more capacity to our key routes, in the last year we’ve also gone from 15 to 18 aircraft there.

“We’re now at about 4.95m passengers at Luton, that’s gone up by 400,000 which is a significant increase.

“To put it in context next year we will have a delivery of 14 aircraft across our 26 EU bases, nothing is finalised yet but I am hopeful we’ll get a good share at Luton.”

The airport’s expansion offers easyJet further opportunites to expand, though the airline has said it will manage the process carefully.

Ms Dekkers added: “We have got to to be mindful of the rebuild, it is about growing without putting too much pressure on the airport.

“All of the infrastructure going in will provide an opportunity to make the airport one that is world leading.”

Final plans for the airport’s expansion were signed off in July.

The £100m development is forecasted to create 5,000 jobs and will take the airport’s annual passenger capacity from 12m to 18m by 2031.