Pay your council tax this Christmas or lose your home


The council is reminding people to pay their rent and council tax over Christmas or their home could be repossessed.

It’s easy to overspend at Christmas, especially if you have children, and it may be tempting to put off paying rent or council tax but it isn’t easy to catch up afterwards.

The council evicted 15 tenants for rent arrears last year and issued over 7,000 summonses to begin recovery action for council tax.

Cllr Tom Shaw said: “Most people are feeling the economic squeeze at the moment, but please make paying your rent and council tax a priority over Christmas and New Year and don’t risk losing your home. Pay up or seek help immediately before allowing debts to spiral out of control so we can cut the eviction rate, as well as our arrears bill.

“We work closely with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Luton Foodbank, local credit unions and a wide range of other organisations offering advice and support to anyone with financial problems. But we will evict or take legal action when necessary against our debtors, particularly where someone won’t pay, rather than can’t pay.”

Call 0300 790 0345 immediately if you are having financial problems and cannot pay your rent or council tax.

You can also visit which lists a range of useful sites and contacts, or visit a Customer Service Advisor at the Town Hall.

Council staff will do all they can to help or head you towards independent debt advisors.