Street cleaning cuts get the OK

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LIB DEMS have accused Labour councillors of letting street cleaning standards slip in a bid to cut costs.

On Monday night, Luton Borough Council’s executive committee approved cuts to its street cleansing services that will save £262,000 in the coming financial year.

The cuts include cutting 12 jobs, having no street cleaning supervisors or graffiti removal staff available at weekends and cutting overnight mechanical sweeper cleaning.

It also means only 87.5 per cent of Luton’s streets will be cleaned to an ‘acceptable’ level, rather than the current 97 per cent.

The deputy leader of Luton’s Lib Dem group, Martin Pantling, described the move as “arrogant”.

He said: “This is a reduction in service and a reduction in the pride the council takes in Luton, pure and simple.

“Labour‘s own report admits that their plans would leave one street in eight not cleaned to an acceptable level. Leaving our roads and public areas dirtier than in the cities of Coventry, Bradford or Leicester seems an odd way to win a city bid.”

Council leader Hazel Simmons Labour leader Councillor Hazel Simmons said: “The council working hand-in-hand with a Labour government has always maintained pride in Luton with a high standard of street cleaning. All that is going to have to change with savage cuts being imposed from the Tories and Lib Dems.

“I am very pleased that Cllr Pantling suggests that the cuts are not acceptable. We hope that he will be taking the matter up with his leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as a matter of urgency.”