Call to rally for Lord Kitchener

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With the horrors of the trenches still to come, many people were either signing up for war, or encouraging others.

The Luton News reported 400 more men for foreign parts and 600 for home defence are wanted by the Bedfordshire Territorial Association to join Lord Kitchener’s Army.

During a meeting at Luton Town Hall members of the council heard the Ladies Committee was visiting every house in Barton to actively ‘encourage’ men to sign up.

The Mayor of Luton has received a letter from Major SJ Green the Deputy Lieutenant of Bedfordshire who was in Essex with his squadron of yeomanry.

He reported 95% of his squadron had volunteered to serve abroad and several Luto men were with him and he could assure their relatives ‘they were all in the best of health and spirits’.

He added: “Our very existence is at stake, we are fighting a righteous cause and everyone able bodied and capable to defend his country will, I trust, come forward and step into the breach.”

In the letters section one reader wrote: ‘I see that some misguided Luton ‘lady’ has sent a white feather to a young single gentleman of her acquaintance who has not yet enlisted.

‘In this business many of the remarks seem to be at the expense of single fellows. I venture to assert that scores of married men are hiding the white feather under the plea that they are married.’

Mr Walter Jeff of Manor Road, Luton, was reported to be a prisoner of war at Baden. He had gone with friends to Switzerland before war was declared, and made a dash for home in August.

He was captured and has been told he will be released at the end of the war.

A meeting of Luton Chamber of Commerce raised concerns about the dependents of straw hat workers fighting at the front. Some firms had offered half wages but were concerned about the financial effect this could have on smaller companies.

A curious plea was put forward to Dunstable magistrates after a man claimed he had used bad language because he thought the man he abused was a german spy, whereas he proved to be a Scots man.

Rowland Mowles was summonsed for using indencent language on High Street North. The defendant, who adnitted he was drunk, was fined £1.