‘Can Luton help Keech raise £20k after break ins?’

'Can you help us?' asks the charity
'Can you help us?' asks the charity

Following the “devastating” break ins at Keech Hospice Care, the charity is appealing for the public’s help to raise £20,000.

Last week the Herald&Post reported that burglars had broken into stores in Katherine Drive, Dunstable (July 10), Sundon Park, Luton (July 12) and Birdsfoot Lane, Luton, on Monday (July 16) - the eighth time the charity’s stores had been hit in the past ten months.

Angela Burgess, Head of Retail at Keech Hospice Care, said: “We’ve looked at what we can do and raising £20,000 could help us improve our shop security and continue to support seriously ill adults and children when they need us the most.

“I, and everyone else at Keech Hospice Care, would truly like to thank our community for your support.

“Anything you can do or give means so much to us.”