Candlelit vigil for young victims of Peshawar massacre

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A candlelit vigil for the victims of the school massacre in Pakistan and the seige in Australia, is taking place in Luton on Saturday.

Luton Council of Faiths is holding the vigil at Luton town hall at 7pm.

A spokesman said: “Words cannot describe the awful events in Peshawar (Pakistan) on 16th December, when Taliban gunmen entered a school and massacred 132 children. This happened only a day after the Sydney (Australia) siege, in which two innocent people were killed.

“Communities in this country and in our town of Luton feel tremendous pain caused by such unfortunate events and incidents. We strongly deplore such actions of mindless violence. While such extremist minorities continuing to stir up hatred, division and violence, we call upon the vast majority of peace loving people from across different faiths and also those with no particular faith affiliation, to reflect and act together on our mutual obligations for peaceful co-existence.

“As Luton Council of Faiths (LCoF), a voluntary body of people from different faiths and cultures in Luton, we note with regret and extreme sadness the Peshawar & Sydney killings and express our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of those killed.

“Nothing can fill the space, left behind by those, who are killed, but we can and we must fill the space with the glowing warmth of our love and affection, shared mutually across faiths, cultures, ethnicities and nationalities, locally as well as globally.

“During this difficult and challenging time we stand together in sharing the grief.”

All are welcome to attend.