'˜Cars at risk at B&M Luton'

A Luton motorist was left upset after she claims her car was damaged in the B&M Luton car park, but was told by a manager there was no CCTV.

Thursday, 14th September 2017, 4:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th September 2017, 4:52 pm
B&M store, Wingate Road, Luton. Credit: Google Street View.
B&M store, Wingate Road, Luton. Credit: Google Street View.

The Luton woman, who wished to remain anonymous, had been enjoying her bank holiday weekend, as she headed to the Wingate Road retailer for a quiet afternoon of shopping on Sunday, August 27.

However, after she had finished browsing the B&M store, she claims she came back out to the car park at about 3.30pm to find that her blue Audi A3 had been scratched and dented by a black car, which had left black marks on her blue vehicle.

She alleged: “My car was completely dented!

The black marks

“The rear end next to my boot is damaged and the bumper will have to be replaced.My car has had to go the the garage.

“I spoke to a B&M manager and asked if there was CCTV, but I was told there was none.

“Is it not a requirement in order to protect their customers?

“Surely B&M should be protecting their customers inside and outside of the store?

The black marks

“I could not see any sign in the car park to notify customers that cars are left at their own risk, but there at least needs to be some notice!

“I know it was a black car that damaged my vehicle, as it left its colour on my Audi.

“I’m hoping somebody saw something and can come forward, as the driver obviously just drove off after hitting into my car!”

The woman has appealed for the person who damaged her car to come forward and apologise or offer to pay for repairs. She also asks that anyone who thinks they may have seen something to contact the Luton News, so as she can be put in touch.

A B&M spokeswoman, said: “We do have CCTV covering the store but unfortunately it doesn’t cover the whole car park.

“Vehicles left in public car parks are left at the owners own risk.”