CCTV cameras installed on Luton's streets

New wireless CCTV cameras (WCCTV) have been put into operation on a number of streets in Luton.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 6:25 am

Luton Borough Council states it has installed the wireless cameras to deter and detect crime, reduce anti-social behaviour, reduce the fear of crime, protect areas and premises used by the public, and to provide an effective evidence gathering tool in crime hot spots or transient problems.

The cameras will provide vital evidence that the council can use when prosecuting individuals for fly tipping, antisocial behaviour and other criminal activity.

The cameras will support the enforcement activity already undertaken in the town, which has resulted in eight people being prosecuted for fly tipping and a further 31 being issued with £400 fixed penalty notices.

In addition, six people have been prosecuted for littering and a further 37 people received fixed penalties. The Neighbourhood Enforcement Team has also issued more than 600 Community Protection warnings in relation to antisocial behaviour and environmental crime, followed by 164 fixed penalty notices for those that failed to comply. Of these, four have resulted in people being prosecuted and receiving fines of £1000.

Laura Church, director for infrastructure, said: “The council has purchased the WCCTV cameras to be installed in known problems areas, to assist the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team and Bedfordshire Police in identifying those causing unnecessary distress to residents through antisocial behaviour or fly tipping. They will also act as a strong visual deterrent,”

“We are absolutely committed to ensuring a safe environment for the residents of Luton and reducing criminality, and this combined with the excellent work of the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team and Bedfordshire Police will help to make this happen.”