Charity: Do something Different this Christmas

Enterprising technology expert Paul Frossell is hoping to spread some seasonal goodwill with the launch of his new website ‘Different Christmas’.

Paul, a web developer at MatsSoft in Bedford, was so fed up of hearing people grumble about the prospect of another expensive Christmas he decided to turn their moans into money for charity.

With the launch of his brand new website this month, he is challenging people to do something different this Christmas and donate the money they save or raise to a range of good causes.

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Whether shoppers decide to spend less on presents and donate the difference, or embark on a sponsored venture, or just make a simple one-off donation, ‘A Different Christmas’ provides an easy portal to ensure the money goes to the people who need it most.

The rescued riches will then be passed on to one of the many charities Paul is supporting, including Oxfam, Save the Children and Age UK.

Paul has been encouraged by the response so far, which has included pledges to organise ‘Secret Santa’ gift exchanges rather than buying lots of presents. However there is still time for people to get involved with their ideas and help brighten up Christmas.

Paul said: “Having reflected upon the excesses of Christmas 2010, and whilst being aware of all of the poverty around the globe, I started to wonder whether some of the money normally spent on unwanted presents and other unnecessary items could be diverted to good causes. By giving to charity, people can ensure that those less fortunate can also have a ‘different Christmas’ this year.”

For more information or to pledge your support, click here

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