Charity race to help CLAPA


A charity race has been organised by the Round Green community on Saturday, August 8, to raise money for CLAPA.

The race between a man on foot and a man on a mobility scooter will take place at 10am from the Round Green Sandwich Bar to the crematorium and back.

CLAPA, Cleft Lip And Palate Association, is a voluntary organisation that specifically helps those with and affected by cleft lip and palate.

It organises parent support through its nationwide network, runs activities and confidence-building camps to support children and young people affected by clefts at school and encourages and supports research into causes and treatment of cleft lip and palate.

Rainy Mason, one of the organisers, said: “We are overwhelmed by the support we have received from the community.

“Everyone has come forward and donated prizes for the raffle or donated money to the charity.

“A lot more people in the area are now more aware about what cleft lip and palates are and what CLAPA does to support people.”