Chemical waste spillage

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THREE people were involved in a chemical spillage in Camford Way in Luton yesterday.

Firefighters were called to Hair Systems Europe Ltd at 4.40pm when an automatic fire alarm was activated by chemical vapours.

There was no fire, but fumes from a 15 kg sack containing waste chemicals which had split had caused the alarm.

Fire crews from Luton and Stopsley wore gas-tight suits while they dealt with the bag of waste chemicals, by putting it into a storage drum and then an on-site water tank to treat the chemicals.

Fire spokesperson Neil Thompson said: “When our fire crews are dealing with any sort of chemical or hazardous substance, they wear gas-tight suits as well as breathing apparatus. It’s something that creates a seal to protect them from corrosives and harmful substances. It’s standard procedure for these incidents.”

The three people working on the site at the time who thought they might have inhaled some vapours were treated by paramedics at the scene but didn’t require any further medical treatment so returned to work.

Firefighters were decontaminated after the incident using the decontamination shelter.

The incident was resolved by 7pm.