‘Children keep walking in dog mess on Luton streets!’

Dog mess on the walk to school.
Dog mess on the walk to school.

A concerned Luton mother is fed up with amount of dog mess left on the pavements, after witnessing children and toddlers treading in it.

The resident, who regularly takes her daughter to school and goes for walks along the Bushmead and Stopsley area, argues that she usually sees dog faeces left in the middle of the pavements and wishes to encourage animal owners to be more considerate.

The mother claims that the dog mess is commonplace on school routes, and that the owners should think of the damage that it could cause to children’s health.

The resident claimed: “One of my friend’s sons actually walked through the mess; it is young children and toddlers especially who don’t look and then the germs left on their shoes will be taken into schools, cars and people’s homes.”

A Luton Borough Council spokesman, said: “It is the responsiblity of owners who fail to clear up after their dogs.

“Dog faeces carry a very significant health risk that can lead to blindness, particularly in young children.

“For this reason we encourage all residents to immediately report any dog mess at www.luton.gov.uk/myaccount .

“As patterns of anti-social behaviour emerge we are able to target areas .

“The council and police have powers to fine those guilty of not removing their dog’s mess through issuing a fixed penalty notice of £50.

“The council is currently consulting on introducing a public spaces protection order in the town centre to specifically target a range of anti-social behaviour, including irresponsible dog ownership, that would additionally require owners to pick up dog mess. See: www.luton.gov.uk/consult.”