Classes teach children how to become entrepreneurs

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A businessman is starting classes to teach children how to become entrepreneurs.

Julian Hall believes children should be equipped with entrepreneurial skills from a young age, so he has created Ultra Education, a company committed to delivering quality, fun, entrepreneur programmes to young people.

Julian, who created the first black owned digital agency in Europe, said: “I started my first business in my late teens, and if I had been taught about it earlier, it would have made things a lot easier.”

Ultra Education have already run a programme in Luton, and the results were amazing. A number of children developed tangible business ideas, and they developed skills including problem solving, numeracy and literacy, and their confidence grew.

Sam Appiah, Ultra Education tutor in Luton, said: “We provide an avenue for young people to express and share their ideas in an environment which is different to school.”

The Luton Workshops will run until October 23 at Luton Central Library. To register, go to