Controversy over wildflower meadow in Luton park

The new wildflower meadow has been described as "a big brown mess"
The new wildflower meadow has been described as "a big brown mess"

A council bid to create a wildflower meadow in Luton was blasted as “environmental vandalism” by one resident.

Ron Turvey was out walking his dog at Limbury Park, north of the river Lea, 
on Tuesday when he spotted the transformation taking place.

A field used as a picnic and play area has been razed to create a wildflower meadow, apparently as part of a national drive to create one in each county following the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

“Even Hitler’s V2 and bombs didn’t cause such widespread devastation as has befallen our once lovely park,” said Mr Turvey, of Stanmore Crescent, who believes the area could easily become a dumping ground for litter.

He said: “We’ve already seen the wildflower treatment on some of our roundabouts, quite pretty for two or three weeks but for the rest of the year nothing more than a tangled brown mess.

“And brown mess is exactly what Limbury Park has now been reduced to.”

In response to the complaint, an LBC spokesman said: “It is a national project to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee by creating a new flower meadow in every county in Great Britain.

“Once the seeds are sown, the meadow develops and the flowering species establish, the meadow should become a haven for pollinating insects such as bumblebees and butterflies as well as other invertebrates which will in turn attract insect-feeding birds.

“The seed-heads of the plants will also be a source of food for birds such as Goldfinches and the long grass a habitat for small mammals such as voles and shrews.”

Mr Turvey claims other users of the park have been “incandescent with rage” about the project.

He added: “Where now do local people go for a picnic or to have a kick-about with the kids?

“Contrary to what is now being claimed, there was never any proper consultation with the local public on this monstrous idea. Had there been, it would have been soundly rejected.”

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