Council ‘sent out fraudster details’

Russ Seeley
Russ Seeley

A Luton man is calling for heads to roll after he was sent confidential information regarding two people suspected of income support fraud.

Russ Seeley, 44, of Guildford Street, said: “A letter telling me how to claim for housing benefit also contained two memos advising the Bedfordshire Benefits Agency of income support fraud.

“They contained names, addresses and national insurance numbers as well as details of the offences.

This sort of slip-up is absolutely unforgivable in this day and age. Heads should roll.”

Mr Seeley, himself a victim of identity fraud, said it was “downright unprofessional”.

He contacted the Herald&Post because he felt the council might “brush it under the carpet and pretend it hadn’t happened”.

The latest scandal follows two similar incidents when pages containing confidential child protection cases and key safe codes for homes of vulnerable elderly people were found dumped in the street.

A Luton Council spokeswoman said: “The council takes its data protection duties very seriously.

“Mistakes of this nature are unusual. We are therefore carrying out an immediate investigation as a priority.

“In the meantime the individuals involved have been informed.”