Couple release The Granny JJ Adventures

A couple from Leagrave have released a book that aims to help children experience a different culture through reading.

Thursday, 6th July 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:13 pm
The Granny JJ Adventures

Joshua Cartwright, 43, and his wife Glenda, 45, wrote the book in Guyanese English, Creole, to enrich children’s learning.

The story is about Granny JJ, a lovable Guyanese character who solves mysteries in the villages near Georgetown, Guyana in South America.

The couple, who have six children, wrote the book last year and are pleased that it is published.

Joshua and his wife Glenda have released a book, The Granny JJ Adventures

Joshua said: “It feels like an incredible achievement to have it published.

“I’m not Guyanese and yet with the support from the Guyanese community I have managed to write a book set in their community and in a different language.

“A lot of work went into each story to ensure it accurately reflects Guyanese life and the feedback we have had is encouraging.

“The stories have been read by Trinidadians who called it ‘brilliant and authentic’. I’m honoured to receive praise like this.”

Joshua and his wife Glenda have released a book, The Granny JJ Adventures

They have also had positive feedback from award winning children’s author Neal Zetter, who said:”This is a unique and fantastic children’s book.”

Joshua is now working on his next book, The Girl Who Took Forever and Glenda is writing Marvellous Mel, a story about a girl who is obsessed with designing clothes wherever she is.

Joshua added: “The book helps children experience a different way of reading English, in fact, when you read you automatically adopt the Guyanese accent.

“Most books for children of colour, or stories about people in other countries, are written in standard English which is understandable but promotes the idea that all people speak this way in books.

“We are offering the book to local authorities as material for Black History Month as it is written in phonetic Guyanese Creole, which is English with words from African, Indian and a few other languages.

“Reading it can enrich children’s experience of different accents - we enjoy foods from around the world - why not accents, customs and lives.”

The book is suitable for children aged eight and over and can be bought from Amazon.